The Art Department

The Art Department

As well as moving and storing a huge variety of artworks, we also supply everything you’ll need to do so.

Our workshop on site at Rocketvan HQ has the capacity to build bespoke art crates and travel frames (or T-frame) to order, so you can transport just about any shape or size artwork, anywhere in the world.

We also stock all the materials you might use in conjunction with the crates, to safely and securely move your art. These include acid free tissue paper, glassine, sheet cardboard and export wrap.

We also have a range of ‘standard-size’ crates and frames to chose from, in stock and ready to go. Click here to find out more about our Rocketvan Quick Crates.

We have an art technician on staff, who is available to provide expert advice on how to move your piece, and what you might need to do it. If you need help securing your artwork in our crates, talk to us.

Call us on 020 7401 3928 to talk through your requirements.